Friday, December 11, 2009

New Blog - Come visit!

Hello lovely blog friends!
I have some fun news: I have just started blogging for is an online venue where artists and crafters can sell their wares. It is a pretty cool place. There are no listing fees and no final value fees. All sellers have to pay is a small one-time registration charge, and then they can list up to 5 items at a time FREE, or pay $5 per month to list up to FIFTY! And that is 50 individual items - if you have a quantity of 8, you just list quantity of 8, but it only counts as ONE listing. You can even replace an old listing with a new one without charge (especially great for seasonal listings!).

My blog on iCraft will focus on hand embroidery and eco-crafting. I will be posting free original hand embroidery patterns and crafty tutorials, so don't forget to bookmark it and come back! My first focus will be on embroidery because there are NO embroidery artists currently on iCraft! That just amazed me. If you are a stitch artist, consider opening shop on because you would have the market cornered!

I just posted my first article tonight, so please pop over and show some love (and let me know that I am not writing into the void of cyberspace!)

big hugs,
aka Digital Misfit

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday (?) to ME!

December 8, 1975 I made my first public appearance in the world, 2 full months ahead of schedule.
The trauma of being in such a rush must have made a huge impact, because I have been a lazy procrastinator since then.
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Tuesday to you.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just Ice Jewelry Special Free Shipping Offer!

Linda of Just Ice Jewelry (reviewed in the post below) would like to offer all of the readers of My Hiding Place In Cyberspace FREE Shipping on any of her jewelry during the month of December!
Just write "HEIDI" in the notes to seller section when you checkout.
A fantastic offer from a fantastic artisan.

PS: If you browse through her shop, you will see that she even named a pair of her beautiful pottery shard earrings after me. How sweet is that?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Handmade Holidays - Just Ice Jewelry

I am always on the hunt for original and stylish accessories. Pieces that tell a story are especially interesting to me.
Linda from Just Ice Jewelry some of the most wonderful and classy pieces with an unusual twist.
She creates earrings and necklaces using shards of antique china from the Ming, Shun and Qing dynasties. These broken pieces of gorgeous pottery were unearthed during construction digs as well as washed up from shipwrecks. Some of the pieces could be over 300 years old!
The small pieces retain the lovely handpainted artwork that the fine china is renowned for.
Each piece of the pottery shard jewelry at Just Ice Jewelry is lovingly set in silver plate to showcase the art, and suspended from sterling silver French hooks. The necklaces often feature coordinating semi-precious stone beads to accent the pendant.
I have a pair of the earrings, and they are so beautiful, and surprisingly light to wear. I don't even notice that I have them on - until I get a compliment on them (which has already happened a few times, and I have only had them for a few days!).
My pair was named Cecelia, and is a beautiful rich burnt orange and blue abstract floral pattern.

Just Ice Jewelry also has many beautiful pieces of jewelry made from other materials including semi-precious stones and genuine Swarovski crystal. The Twilight opalite and blackstone necklace is a must-see!

Linda has recently opened an independent online shop showcasing pieces that have never been listed in her Etsy shop . It is still a work in progress, but there are already several pieces there including a line of epoxy pendants and silver ball earrings that are lovely (and so inexpensive!).

If you have a loved one who has an interest in Chinese pottery, history, or just gorgeous jewelry, check out Just Ice Jewelry . The pottery shard earrings are only $13, and the necklaces start at only $18. Amazing gifts that have been handmade with love.

Happy Handmade Holidays!

The opinions expressed in this review are my own, and I was not compensated for this post.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Handmade Holidays 2 - CMS Designs

I met Chris aka crafty gurll on Craftster quite awhile back. She is always friendly and fun, and has so many crafty talents.
An Ohio native, she is a member of Cleveland Handmade
Chris organized her first craft show, Crafty Goodness, just last month! Hurray Chris! That is fantastic!
If you have never visited Chris's Etsy shop, CMS Designs, you MUST stop by and browse her gorgeous stoneware pottery. Her designs are very organic and beautiful, often incorporating nature elements into her work. With most of her handcrafted pottery costing less than $20, it is a great place to do some Handmade Holidays shopping on a budget!

Here are a few of my favorites from CMS Designs

Set of SIX stoneware appetizer/dessert plates, each one lovingly handstamped with a unique pattern and glazed in bright, happy colors.

Beautiful sushi serving set for 2. Includes chopstick rests in the shape of gingko leaves!

Leaf shape soap dish/spoon rest. This wonderful piece is only SIX DOLLARS! She even sells handmade soap, so you can complete the gift all in one place!

Chris has a lovely blog, Crafty Goodness . Pop by and see what she has been up to.

Happy Handmade Holidays!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Handmade Holidays 1 - NyBlaque

I first met Andrea of NyBlaque back in October of 2008. I immediately fell in love with her beautiful jewelry and wonderful personality. Andrea is a true gem of an Etsian, always friendly and helpful and very creative. She just celebrated her 500th sale on Etsy. Now that is something to cheer about! Yay Andrea!
Right now, Andrea has a wonderful promotion going on in her shop. She will donate 25% of her sales proceeds on ALL items to The American Cancer Society. In addition, to thank her customers for their support of this worthy cause, she has the following offer:
$5 off + Free Shipping w/total purchase of $25-$49
$5 off + Free Shipping + Your Choice of Necklace or earrings as a Free Contributor Gift. Mention "Fundraiser" in your notes to seller to receive a revised invoice or refund via Paypal.

I encourage all of my readers to pop by and visit Andrea at NyBlaque and do a little holiday shopping. Her prices are low, but the quality and service is top notch.

Have a Handmade Holiday (and help out a great charity too!).

A couple of my NyBlaque favorites:

Rainbow yarn sterling silver hoops

Dyed man-made peacock feather earrings

Friday, November 27, 2009


On my November 24 blog post, I wrote up a quick blurb about the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s book On Origin Of Species. It was an innocent-enough post (or so I thought) which gave a nod to the occasion while respecting the fact that this is still a controversial issue.

Today I read a comment from reader Anna (no blog profile shown) who expressed dismay at my post. I know there are probably many others who feel the same way but did not comment.

For this reason, I would like to take this opportunity to clear up a few matters which may or may not be of some concern to my readers.

I am an Atheist.

Please, before you condemn me as a worshipper of Satan and click away, finish reading this piece.

It would seem that Atheism is the new homosexuality. As we slowly “come out of the closet” we face harsh criticism for our beliefs – or lack thereof.

I love visiting the many blogs in this little digital world. Many of the bloggers proclaim to be “good” Christians, or Jews, or Mormons, or Muslims, or Pagans. I am sure they are. I am not here to “convert” anybody. I am not here to judge anybody either.

I would never DREAM of making a derogatory comment on a blog post where someone thanked God or Jesus for something wonderful in their life.

When I say I am Atheist, people gasp and make all kinds of assumptions about me and my morality.

I am here to say that I am a “good Atheist”.

I would like to dispel a few myths about Atheists:

1: Atheists hate God.

No, we do not bear any ill will towards your God. We simply to not believe that God exists. This applies to the all gods – Jesus, Holy Father, Thor, Zeus, Vishnu, the Triple Goddess, and yes, even Satan. All monotheists are quick to discount the other gods as false. I just believe in one less god than they do.

I actually truly enjoy reading about various religions, especially Greek mythology. I do not believe that Dionysus was born from the thigh of Zeus up on Mount Olympus any more than I believe that a 600 year old man constructed an ark to house all of the animal species of the planet for 40 days and nights. They do make for an entertaining read.

2: Atheists hate believers.

Certainly not! I believe that everyone has a right to their faith (or lack thereof). There ARE militant Atheists out there who are out to argue against faith with anybody who will give them the time of day. The same can be said for theists who will argue FOR their faith. I do hate intolerance from either side.

3: Atheists are know-it-alls.

Quite the contrary, we don’t know it all. Most Atheists are rather passive. We are accustomed to living in a theist world. I accept that science has yet to fully explain how the universe began, and I doubt it ever will. I do not worry myself over something that happened billions of years ago. I do not think that not knowing the answers means that I have to insert a deity into the equation to explain what science is not yet capable of. Atheism is not a religious belief system nor a philosophy, but rather the absence of such.

Most religions seem to be primarily concerned with 2 things: how we began, and what happens after we die. Everything in between is basically morality lessons.

Which brings me to…

4: Atheists are immoral.

I do not think that morality is dependent upon belief in a supernatural power. We all have brains to use logic to make decisions about right and wrong. I do not believe in “sin” or absolute good or evil. I do believe that nature (brain chemistry) and nuture (upbringing) are the 2 factors which work in combination to form our social behavior.

In conclusion, I just want to thank you for taking the time to read this post. I know I will probably lose a few readers, and that is unfortunate. I love all of my readers, of all faiths. I respect you and your right to believe.

Don’t hate me because I’m Atheist.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy 150th Birthday!

Today Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" celebrates its 150th birthday. November 24th, 1859 this incredible work of scientific research saw its first publication.
Intense debate still surrounds this publication, both in the scientific and religious communities. On the Origin of Species is not the be-all and end-all of evolutionary study. There is still so much we do not know, and still more that we likely never will. It remains a fantastic building block for evolutionary theory.
I want to give Mr. Darwin some posthumous thanks for his bravery and brilliance.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Brocantess: Brocantess Big Give Away & Rose Bowl Part 2

The Brocantess: Brocantess Big Give Away & Rose Bowl Part 2

The Brocantess is holding a giveaway for some fabulously French finds. I am in LOVE with the necklace.
Head on over to visit and enter to win. Giveaway ends Nov 21, so hurry!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wisteria Garden: Giveaway ends Nov 1

Wisteria Garden: Moje Pierwsze Candy / My First Candy Giveaway

Visit Willow World blog to find out how you can win this lovely satin brooch (plus a surprise in your fave color!)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland Costume Set GIVEAWAY - Closes Oct 25

Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland Costume Set GIVEAWAY!!!!

INSANELY amazing Queen of Hearts and Alice costume set by grosgrainfabulous. Enter by Oct 25 for a chance at this Burton-esque masterpiece!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flirty Aprons review + GIVEAWAY at Jabbering Jessi

This giveaway has ended (and I WON!)

Jabbering jessi: Flirty Aprons Review & Giveaway

Jabbering Jessi is running a review + giveaway of a Flirty Aprons apron on her blog. Winner gets to choose their favorite! Open to US and Canada
Ends Oct 17, 2009 @ 11:59 pm est

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nobody Puts Swayze In The Corner

Patrick Wayne Swayze 1952 - 2009

Today Patrick Swayze lost his battle with pancreatic cancer, eighteen months after his diagnosis. He is survived by his wife of over 30 years, Lisa.

Here is the infamous Swayze/Farley Chippendales tryout skit from SNL. It still makes me laugh.

A Stitch in Time

I picked up a "new" craft last week: embroidery.
I am in love!
Embroidery combines my 2 loves of drawing and sewing. I don't know why I didn't start before!
I haven't worked any commercial patterns yet. I have been hand-sketching my own patterns based on images found on Google (my printer is dead). This is fun for me, not only because I get to practice my drawing skills, but because all of my finished embroidered pieces are one-of-a-kinds.
I have finished 4 pieces so far - 2 semi-nudes and 2 portraits.
The comments I have received on Craftster and Flickr are very encouraging. The response to the Einstein piece was unexpected and crazy. Big hugs to my fellow crafty friend AlwaysInspired who has been an awesome cheerleader in my return to crafting (and for sending me some black floss since there are NO local retailers who sell it!).

Here are photos of my finished pieces.

My first piece:

My second:

The infamous Einstein. His hair is stitched in some super-soft eyelash yarn for the crazy look.

And of course, George Carlin. I have much love for the late Carlin. This piece was made for AlwaysInspired's hubby. She plans to mat and frame it with tickets from a Carlin show they were lucky enough to attend.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gnorm and the Giant Shroom

A giant happy yellow mushroom popped up this morning.

Gnorm and I decided to go check it out before one of the chipmunks spotted it for breakfast.

You can see how excited Gnorm was at this find.

Unfortunately I was not able to be in any of the photographs. I never let Gnorm handle my camera. He is not a good photographer.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Doll Artist Feature: Mimi Kirchner

Mimi Kirchner is a fabulous doll artist. I fell in love with her unique style the first time I saw her tattooed man on Flickr. She has expanded her line to include girls with elaborate outfits, gorgeous pillow dolls, and the loveliest teacup pincushion worlds.
You can find her original dolls for sale in her Etsy shop, mck254

If you are a doll artist and would like to be featured, leave a comment or send me an email.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Even Educated Fleas Do It ...

The following blog report is intended for readers 18 years of age and older. Links contained within this article are NSFW.
The title of this entry comes from a line in the Cole Porter standard "Let's Fall In Love"

Of course love is a state of mind, and while the fabulous folks at Eden Fantasys give their nod to amorous brainwaves, it is the bliss of the body that they are here to share.
For those who have lived a sheltered existence in this vast wonderland we call the internet, Eden Fantasys is THE ultimate online adult toy store. You won't find cuddly teddy bears and Tonka trucks though if you look around, you WILL find a freaking awesome selection of rubber duckies!

Ever since Charlotte discovered The Rabbit in that infamous Sex And The City episode, women have been far more open to chatting about their toys (at least the women I know, please, no angry conservative emails please!). Finding a good, reliable and fun sex toy can be a challenging task. Unlike finding a good pair of jeans, you can't go into stores, try a few on, and pick the one you like. Word of mouth is THE only way to learn about the best goodies without breaking the bank. Eden Fantasys has answered the call, and you will find user-written reviews for almost all of their products. Find out which toys have the best buzz for the buck and which ones will leave you hanging with just a click! And if you should happen to have a defective toy, Eden Fantasys has a fair and hassle-free return policy and will send you a return shipping label for FREE!

I also appreciate the fact that Eden Fantasys is a CLASSY sex toy shop (yes, such a thing DOES exist!). After browsing a few other shops, I must say I am thrilled to see a simple x/5 star rating for each toy instead of the lowbrow and often offensive rating systems used on other sites.

The selection of toys, lingerie, books, party favors, accessories and "adventure gear" is top notch, with many of the top name brands in the biz up for grabs.
There are even organic lotions, vegan lubes and other eco-friendly toys to be had. Now THAT is a modern and enlightened sex shop!

Eden Fantasys has recently launched a fantastic online magazine, SexIs. SexIs's tagline is Sex and All Things Sexual. One visit will show you that pretty much sums it up. From informative articles on health and body image, to an open forum where you can ask questions and get answers, SexIs satisfies ALMOST all of your sex needs (and the shopping link can help you with the rest!). My favorite section is the hilarious satire from The Bloggess. Just TRY to read her views on the strap-on unicorn horn dildo without laughing (I can't even SAY strap-on unicorn horn dildo without a giggle).

In summary:

Freaking fabulous vibrator selection
Friendly customer service
Enlightened articles
Funny shit

Eden Fantasys is my new one-stop sex shop!

So go ahead girls and treat yourselves to a little self-love!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baju-Baju's new BLOG

Baju-Baju has a brand new blog that she would like for you to visit.
Baju-Baju is a name of a fairytale land; a place full with love and happiness. You can also visit her Etsy shop which has wonderful sewn goodies such as needlebooks, adorable pouches, and lovely sachets.
Pop by and show her some love :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Creating from the Heart!: My BIG Giveaway! - giveaway now over

Creating from the Heart!: My BIG Giveaway!

Keepsakes By Melissa is giving away a CUTTLEBUG as her big Blog Candy giveaway tomorrow! Rush over there and put your name in her virtual hat for a chance at this wonderful crafty prize!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Carried Away: The Etsy Bag Makers Team: THE BIG BAG OF LUCK GIVEAWAY

Visit the Carried Away team blog to find out how you can some of the 26 fabulous prizes being given away.
Search to find the hidden shamrock image (shown above) in each of the particpating shops to earn entries. The grand prize winner gets to choose SIX prizes from the list!!
If you are anything like me, you know that a girl can NEVER have too many pretty bags.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another SIO Designs Chalkboard Giveaway!

Spell It Out Designs - Chalkboard Giveaway

Did you miss out on the last Spell It Out Designs fun chalkboard wall decal giveaway?
No worries.
SIO Designs is holding another giveaway, this time for the cutest retro television shaped chalkboard decal. Great for a kids room, but also totally fabulous for your midcentury design kitchen, this chalkboard is adorable and practical decor!

Hop on over to SIO Designs blog to enter.
Giveaway runs until Sundary March 15 at midnight MST

Sew Christine Giveaway

Christine of Sew Christine is a fabulous woman I met through this land of blogs several months ago.
She makes the best handbags and totes in all of the cutest fabrics. From tiny clutches to roomy diaper bags, she has something for all modern gals.
She has just returned from a trip to Switzerland, and in her divine cheese-induced bliss, Christine has decided to do a giveaway on her blog for this ADORABLE bag.

Is that not the most freakin' fabulous owl print ever? I love the fun curvy wood handles on this bag too.
Run over to Christine's blog before March 23rd and share with her your fave craft stash shops for your chance to win this wonderful bag. I am an Etsy/eBay/thrift shop addict myself.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Purple Lady's 29-Day Challenge

The Purple Lady is at day 19 of her 29 day challenge.
I first stumbled upon this lovely blog during the One World One Heart event that I particpated in.
The Purple Lady is not only a generous and creative blogger, she is a true animal lover. She crochets lovely nests out of yarn to be used by wildlife rescue agencies. Baby squirrels, opossums, and birdies have soft & cozy colorful homes thanks to her talent and kindness.
Pop by her blog, enter the daily giveaways, but also spend some time reading about this great blogger.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chocolate and Steel: *:*:* GIVEAWAY *:*:*

Chocolate and Steel: *:*:* GIVEAWAY *:*:*

Chocolate & Steel is giving away one of my very favorite ring designs on Etsy. It is called The Uprising and can be seen here

If you run over to her blog, you can enter to win this GORGEOUS ring. Winner will be announced on Friday the 13th.

Good luck (well, not TOO much good luck, as I kinda want to win this piece for myself, but I guess if I dont win, I would love for one of you to win)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

29 Days of Giveaways ending soon!

Art By Chrysti is hosting a wonderful event on her blog. I only recently stumbled upon it, though I have been familiar with Chrysti for awhile now, through her Flickr, where she offers so many fabulous collage images for download.

Please visit and find out more about this wonderful event.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Commenting fixed

Visitors to my blog, and any blog who uses a same-page comment box with word verification have had issues leaving messages. The captcha would not load, but would just say "Loading..." (and yes, I tried writing Loading... as the word - doesn't work! haha).
I have removed the word verification requirement from my blog so that everyone is free to comment.
Now please don't let this be in vain - leave comments! LOL

big hugs to all of my readers.
you inspire me.

aka Digital Misfit

Monday, February 23, 2009

Charity Art Quilt Project - Group 2

I am thrilled and proud to show off the second group of 3 art quilt squares I have received for my Charity Art Quilt Project

The first set of squares I received can be seen in my January 24, 2009 post.

Now on to the new fabulous squares.
The first in this group comes from CherylinMI, a quiet member of Craftster . She had no posts when she first contacted me about getting involved in the project, so needless to say I was surprised and excited. A perfect stranger jumping on board truly warms my heart.
Her work is amazing. Check out the detail in this piece, with the bold colors and lovely accents. Thank you so much, Cheryl!

The second square comes from the fabulous embroidery diva, KittyKill. I have admired her work on Craftster and Flickr, and was so happy when she agreed to join this project. Look at this delightful dancing gypsy lady (with a familiar haircut!). Her dress is dotted with tiny wee pearls, and she holds a bouquet of bead flowers. She is absolutely beautiful! Thank you, Kittykill!

The third square in this set comes from a Canadian woman I know very well.
When my sister, Cindy Brown, heard about my project and saw the first quilt squares, she knew she had to get on board. Now my sister is more known for being a packrat than an artist, so I will admit to being a bit nervous. My nervousness became horror when I caught her looking at some tiny teddy bears wearing bumblebee costumes to attach to her square. Fortunately for me, and the quilt, she toned it down a little and made this surprisingly beautiful piece. She handbeaded the gypsy 'trails" onto the fabric to tell the story of their journeys.
Lovely work, Cindy. Thank you.

I am still seeking textile artists of any kind to participate, so please, if you are interested, just send me a message via email (address in sidebar), on Craftster , or just leave a comment with a way to contact you, and I will respond asap. You can embroider, make a fabric collage, quilt, applique, fabric paint, felt, etc. The only requirements are that the square be 8x10 inches (portrait orientation), with a theme of "Gypsy" - however you choose to interpret that.
Once I have all of the quilt squares, I will assemble the quilt with a simple backing and border to best showcase the beautiful works of art, and it will be auctioned off to raise money for the orphans and street kids of Romania.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chic Chalkboard Giveaway

Check out these fabulous chalkboards from Spell It Out Designs
You can win one if you hurry!
Giveaway ends tonight at midnight, with draw held tomorrow (Feb 23rd).
These would be so sweet for jotting quick phone messages, or to decorate a little girl's room.

Click image to be whisked away to Spell It Out Designs blog giveaway post to find out how you can enter!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Insomniac Scrapbook Theater

Insomniac Scrapbook Theater

Visit to find out how you can win a beautiful pendant from KristieGK.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

One World One Heart WINNERS!

And the day has finally come!
Everyone keep an eye on your inboxes - goodies are sure to start rolling in.
I have had such a wonderful time meeting so many talented bloggers from around the world. I have been trying to keep up with as many of the new blogs as I can. I am thrilled with the turnout for this international friendship event.
Big huge hugs to Lisa for organizing such a fabulous blogger event.

and now for the drumroll.....
lights please....

The Winners, as chosen by, for my OWOH giveaway are:

#42 Lavender Dreamer of Lavender Dreams Too

and #11 Andreah of Moody Mama Says

Congratulations, ladies. I have emailed both of you for your postal address so I can get your artwork in the mail!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

* Good News For CPSIA-endangered Artists *

**from official press release**

CPSC Grants One Year Stay of Testing and Certification Requirements for Certain Products

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously (2-0) to issue a one year stay of enforcement for certain testing and certification requirements for manufacturers and importers of regulated products, including products intended for children 12 years old and younger. These requirements are part of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which added certification and testing requirements for all products subject to CPSC standards or bans.

Significant to makers of children’s products, the vote by the Commission provides limited relief from the testing and certification requirements which go into effect on February 10, 2009 for new total lead content limits (600 ppm), phthalates limits for certain products (1000 ppm), and mandatory toy standards, among other things. Manufacturers and importers – large and small – of children’s products will not need to test or certify to these new requirements, but will need to meet the lead and phthalates limits, mandatory toy standards and other requirements.

The decision by the Commission gives the staff more time to finalize four proposed rules which could relieve certain materials and products from lead testing and to issue more guidance on when testing is required and how it is to be conducted.

The stay will remain in effect until February 10, 2010, at which time a Commission vote will be taken to terminate the stay.

The stay does not apply to:

  • Four requirements for third-party testing and certification of certain children’s products subject to:

    • The ban on lead in paint and other surface coatings effective for products made after December 21, 2008;

    • The standards for full-size and non full-size cribs and pacifiers effective for products made after January 20, 2009;

    • The ban on small parts effective for products made after February 15, 2009; and

    • The limits on lead content of metal components of children’s jewelry effective for products made after March 23, 2009.

  • Certification requirements applicable to ATV’s manufactured after April 13, 2009.

  • Pre-CPSIA testing and certification requirements, including for: automatic residential garage door openers, bike helmets, candles with metal core wicks, lawnmowers, lighters, mattresses, and swimming pool slides; and

  • Pool drain cover requirements of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act.

The stay of enforcement provides some temporary, limited relief to the crafters, children’s garment manufacturers and toy makers who had been subject to the testing and certification required under the CPSIA. These businesses will not need to issue certificates based on testing of their products until additional decisions are issued by the Commission. However, all businesses, including, but not limited to, handmade toy and apparel makers, crafters and home-based small businesses, must still be sure that their products conform to all safety standards and similar requirements, including the lead and phthalates provisions of the CPSIA.

Handmade garment makers are cautioned to know whether the zippers, buttons and other fasteners they are using contain lead. Likewise, handmade toy manufacturers need to know whether their products, if using plastic or soft flexible vinyl, contain phthalates.

The stay of enforcement on testing and certification does not address thrift and second hand stores and small retailers because they are not required to test and certify products under the CPSIA. The products they sell, including those in inventory on February 10, 2009, must not contain more than 600 ppm lead in any accessible part. The Commission is aware that it is difficult to know whether a product meets the lead standard without testing and has issued guidance for these companies that can be found on our Web site.

The Commission trusts that State Attorneys General will respect the Commission's judgment that it is necessary to stay certain testing and certification requirements and will focus their own enforcement efforts on other provisions of the law, e.g. the sale of recalled products.

Please visit the CPSC Web site at for more information on all of the efforts being made to successfully implement the CPSIA.

adorable baby party hat shown above is a handmade creation by Sweet N Sassy Baby of Etsy.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Charity Art Quilt Project

Some of you may already know that I am hosting a charity art quilt project to benefit the Strive For Life Foundation.
Artists from all over the world are each contributing one 8"x10" quilt square with a gypsy theme, which I will assemble, and then auction off to raise money to help the street kids of Romania.
I have already received a few of the squares, and I am so impressed with the beautiful handiwork of the talented artists.
Everyone has such a unique perspective on the theme.
I left the door wide open to interpretation and style. The squares can be pieced, appliqued, embroidered, cross stitched, fabric painted, etc.
I am still in need of more artists for this project.
If you think that you may be interested in participating in this creative project which will benefit a cause so dear to my heart, please leave a comment below, or email me at
I would be so very honored and grateful to have more of my creative blog readers share in this international art project with me.

Here are the first three wonderful pieces so graciously contributed by some of the artists:

The first piece is by North Dakotan artist AlwaysInspired
She chose to make a beautiful applique Gypsy portrait, accented with embroidery details and beading.

The second square that I have received is from the lovely and creative Knickertwist from my home province of Ontario! She created this beautiful square on a background of rich maroon brocade accented with lace, crochet applique, beads, buttons and all kinds of goodness, with a gorgeous focal piece. I apologize for the quality of my scan. It is so much more lovely in person.


The third square that I have received is from the brilliant Virginian textile artist PixiesInTheHouse . She designed this charming art piece on a background of rich chocolate velvet, appliqued felt, and beautiful dimensional accents with buttons and silk flowers.

I would like to take this moment to thank the three of you so very much for being a part of this project. I also want to thank all of the other artists who are still working on their pieces. I will post those pictures as they come in. Hugs!

The Strive For Life Foundation works directly with the street kids and orphans of Romania, as well as with other NPO charities in the country to help bring hope, health and happiness.
If you would like more information about Strive, and the work that it does, you can message me or visit the website . I apologize for the website being a bit out of date. Our website girl got married and moved to Belgium. Strive will be changing web hosts soon, and a full update with past projects and current goals will come.

Les Oiseaux

I realized that I have never posted any of my non-plush art on my blog!
Since I am participating in the 2009 One Word, One Heart caravan, and my giveaway is for a piece of my mixed media art, I thought I would share some. Or one. LOL!

This was one of my first pieces, Les Oiseaux. It is an 8x10 stretched canvas done in acrylics, a vintage page from a 19th century French poetry book, feathers, metallic ink, and of course the always-fabulous Mod Podge (I have finally been able to drop the habit of calling it modge-podge!).

I would love to post more pictures, but all of my other pieces were made for swap partners that have not yet received their packages, and I do not want to ruin the surprise by posting a spoiler here.

Note that the painting above is NOT the one I am giving away in the OWOH event.

Friday, January 23, 2009

One World One Heart

****Comments are now closed. Thank you for participating. Winners names will be announced tomorrow by 5 pm EST****

I am so happy to be a participant in the 2009 One World One Heart blog event.
OWOH was founded by Lisa Swifka in 2007 as a worldwide event to bring together the blogging artist community in friendship.
This year there are well over 400 blogs participating in the caravan.
Each member is hosting a giveaway on their blog to celebrate the spirit of OWOH. Please click on the OWOH logo above to see the list of participants and take the time to visit each blog.
Remember, if you want to enter one of the giveaways, you must leave a comment on the OWOH post on THAT blog.

To celebrate this wonderful event, I will be giving away an original 5x7 mixed media artwork on canvas board. I do not have a pic yet, but I will have one up by Monday at the latest. (ooohh the suspense!)
If I get more than 100 entries, I will draw a second winner (prize TBA).

Entries will be accepted until February 11, 2009 at 11:59pm EST. I will draw the winner(s) on February 12 and post the name here. I must be able to contact the winner, so if you do not have a blog that I can reach you on, please leave your email address in your post. If you do not have a way for me to contact you, I will draw a new name. If I do not hear back from the winner within three (3) days, I will draw a new name.
This giveaway is open to EVERYONE around the world.
Entering is simple - just leave a comment at the end of THIS post. I would love it if you would share with me where you are visiting me from. I am so excited to be a part of this international event!

Hugs from Ontario, Canada,

aka Digital Misfit

edit: pic of giveaway piece #1 prior to coat of matte sealer application

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heart of Mary: Some 'firsts' for 2009 ( a new bag and a giveaway!)

Heart of Mary: Some 'firsts' for 2009 ( a new bag and a giveaway!)

Visit Heart of Mary's blog to check out her new bag and enter to win a pattern to make a fab purse or wallet of your own!

01.20.09 CHANGE

The day has come.
Today Barack Hussein Obama took an oath and became the 44th president of the United States of America.
I do not envy him this job. There is a lot of ugliness around: two unpopular wars that have gone on too long, a fallen economy, and tragic national debt. He cannot fix all of these ills. Not overnight. Not alone.
He is only the leader - but he can only lead if people will follow. We talk of hope and change like these miracle words alone will conquer all. They won't. We all need to put on our big girl panties and get to work. President Obama (gosh, I do love saying that!) can point us in the right direction, but we must go forward together.

I propose that we wake tomorrow to start the first day of the Pay-it-Forward Administration. It is pretty simple really. You already know how it works. Just do something kind for someone for no reason at all, and without expecting anything in return. Volunteer with an organization in need - and not just so it will look nice on your resume. If you see a need and there isn't an organization in place to fill that need, START ONE!
Buy some extra groceries and donate them to a shelter. Help build a home with Habitat for Humanity. Send a care package to an active duty soldier that you don't know. Make a special memory album for a senior citizen. Take the time to learn about the strife in other countries, and not just the ones who make the front page news this week. Find out what YOU can do, as a citizen of the WORLD to help make this a better place to live. We are all neighbors on this planet that grows smaller by the minute.

This would also be a good time to begin writing a journal, if you do not already have one. Make it special. Draw in it, cut and paste images into it, fill it with thoughts and dreams and ideas to make a difference. Share notes. Blog. Inspire.

In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi "Be the change you wish to see in the world"

I welcome your comments and ideas on how we can make positive changes in our lives that can impact the world.