Sunday, November 23, 2008

Confessions of a Closet Holiday Ornament Lover

I have a confession to make. Or maybe 2.
I really don't decorate my home for the holidays.
Shocking, I know. I mean what crafter doesn't decorate for the big holiday season? This is our big chance to pull out the bag of tricks and attack the house without anyone thinking we are freaks.
The thing is, I do not have children. There is no big Santa Claus mystery in my home. We have figured him out. I am not a religious person, so nativity scenes and stars of david do not adorn my mantle (I don't even have a mantle!).
My home is surrounded by HUGE pine trees, so I do not feel the need to hack one down and display it inside my home. I do set up a small 3' WHITE tree for the sake of being a little bit festive, and a tiny silver metal tree in my office to keep me in the spirit of the season. I love trees though, so I use that as my excuse.
My other confession is that I have a secret love for holiday ornaments. Not the Hallmark character things you see in the malls, but the beautiful artistic orbs that you can hold in your palm and stare at. I would hang these in my home year round if I had the space. I love looking at them. I love the shape of the gorgeous globes. I love the cold feeling of the glass or ceramic, and the fuzzy softness of the felt.
So if you stop by my house this holiday season, you will not find a jolly Santa Claus doorknocker awaiting your visit. You will not be greeted by Three Wise Men (or even one remotely clever dude). But if you bring me a shiny round bit of prettiness, I will certainly break out the egg nog for you!
In the spirit of the holidays, here are a few of my faves from Etsy. Each image is clickable and will take you to the Etsians shop.