Monday, March 21, 2011

New Computer At Last!

Hi peoples!
I am blogging today for the first time from my brand shiny new desktop computer. It is the first NEW computer I have ever had (I am the queen of the second hand PCs, but I keep those babies running as long as possible!).
My old gal was still running (albeit sluggishly), but my totally awesome older sis, Shari, surprised me with this unbelievable gift. I even have a nice new widescreen monitor.
I had some issues with setting it up.
First I could not do a damn thing because the OS was not installed, and the DVD-RW drive was not working. The PC is under full warranty for 2 years, but the catch is that it has to be serviced IN-STORE! Well the nearest location is a 7 hr drive away (my sis bought it from her usual PC shop near her home and shipped it here). The shipping would cost an arm and a leg for me. Opening the PC would void the warranty, and the company refused to allow me to take it to a local repair shop, even if I paid for it (well, I COULD take it, but once again, it would void the warranty). After being ignored by the company on Twitter, Facebook, email and by phone (I was transferred 3x to different departments, each saying they could not do anything and I have to bring it in), I said EFF THIS!
I had an awesome help partner by the name of Rick (@oatmeal_25) who walked me through some troubleshooting first. So sweet, since I had never spoken to this Twitter dude before. When nothing worked, I popped the case and noticed the problem right away - the DVD RW drive power cable was loose. A quick tap into the pins and it was ready to go! Can you imagine spending $80 on shipping (each way!) just to have a tech TAP a cable and send it back?! WTF?!
Warranty is shot for the PC, but I have a lovely working computer.
It took a couple of days to install all the drivers and software and stuff, and I still have a zillion files on my old PC that I will have to retrieve one day, but I am still thrilled.
I had no idea a PC could run this fast! With a terabyte of storage, I can save every tutorial and pattern I have ever admired and then some (not that this will make me actually CREATE more art/crafts, but hey, it is a start!)

Also, I noted today that my humble wee blog has reached 300 Google Friend Connect followers! How freakin' awesome are each and every one of you? Big huge hugs! I will have to have a giveaway next month to celebrate. What should the prize be? I am open to suggestions.