Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Info For Craft Swap Partners

Ok, so I will be the next one to pirate this post so that I can share information with current and potential crafty swap partners from Craftster.org and around the web. I will even keep this topic updated if my abilities/wants change :)

I'm addicted to creating: poppets, dolls & stuffies, polymer clay charms, jewellery, polyshrink pendants and art dolls, upcycling 100% wool sweaters into fab bags, painted wooden keepsake boxes

I'd love to experiment with: crochet/knitting/embroidery

My favorite colors are: greens (celery, lime, kelly, wasabi, etc), brown, turquoise (esp turquoise with a bold orange-red)

I'm not too fond of these colors: metallic gold, purple

I'm currently or always in awe of: unique poppets, classic tattoo crafts, LOOOONG knit or crochet scarves, handmade cold-process soap, resin bangles, ironic crafts with swear words (pillows, embroidery, etc), bold jewelry, handmade pottery and lampwork art beads

I'd never refuse to take: scarves, purses, poppets, stuffies, supplies (hell I wouldn't refuse anything!)

Some things I've been wanting:
  • retro apron
  • doll shoes
  • anything with goddess, trees or birds on it
  • big purse in a retro fabric
  • handspun yarn
  • huge long art scarf
  • soft & cozy armwarmers in a neutral color
And a little bit more about me:

do you keep a journal/art sketch book? not really, though I do sketch out craft ideas now and then

do you have any pets? a chubby mixed breed med-large dog named Booker

do you have any kids *ages*? nope

do you have a portable CD player, mobile phone, or ipod? just a small mp3 player

do you need another random trinket box? need? no. but I am always open to receiving something unique

do you need something to carry your knitting/sewing with you? I would always welcome a sewing machine "cozy" or a bag to hold my current sewing project supplies. I also do not have a needlebook, which I could definitely use - and one of those sewing machine scrap bags that collect all the bits of thread that usually fall to the floor

do you need a CD case/folder thing? I rarely listen to my CDs, so no.

do you need another purse? always - I have lots of purses, but can always use another. Purses always fit, and a fab new purse can really perk up an outfit!

what crafts do you do/want to do? I like to sew and play with polymer clay. I love making custom jointed dolls. My specialty is making poppet type dolls in the image of a person. I love playing with shrinkydink. I like painting. Basically I love trying anything and everything - I just cant crochet or knit!

what crafts do you admire? knitting and crochet, dollmaking, ATC, clothing, resin bangles, felting and/or handspun, embroidery, soap making...all crafts have something amazing to admire about them.

do you collect anything? nothing in particular, but I have a fondness for purses, teapots, birds, goddesses, and trees...oh, and winter scarves!

do you wear earrings? very rarely...and yet I make them. ironic?

do you wear bracelets/cuffs? More now than before. I do love resin, beaded and felted cuffs/bangles most.

whats your wrist size? umm, average?

do you wear necklaces? almost always! The bolder, the better. I love big & chunky necklaces and pendants that make a statement. I am not into delicate chains, and not a big fan of gold. Not a fan of plastic.

do you want gold or silver findings? Silver!

what is your shirt size? I am a plus size chick so I guess an 18-20 retail size or a 2x.

what is your shoe size? 9 US/CAN

would you like some clothes made for you? definitely! I have been dying for a vertical patchwork skirt in neutral colors (long jellyroll-type strips instead of squares). If corduroy is involved, I would be in love!

what is your favorite color? turquoise, green, brown

what is your favorite color to go with your favorite color? I love combining my three fave colours (chocolate, green and aqua) in any manner. I also love aqua with bold orangey-red.

do you have a favorite animal you would like something made with? bird of any kind

do you have a favorite TV series you would like something made with? not really

do you have a favorite book you would like something made with? Orwell's 1984 maybe

What is your favorite food? hard call. anything Italian, Indian food, cupcakes (not only delicious, but adorable too!), beautifully decorated desserts.

What is your favorite smell? Satin Sheets scent from Something Special; exotic florals mixed with sandalwood; traditionally masculine scents; lavender; green scents

are there any colors you hate? purple (though lilac is ok)

would you dislike receiving items made from animal products? I am fine with reconned furs and leather

is there anything you would rather not receive because of religious references? I do not like traditional/Christian religious crafts - crosses, etc. I do like goddess items. I am atheist (and would LOVE atheist-themed crafts!)

is there anything else you would dislike? not a huge fan of classic floral patterns (retro and funky flowers always welcome)

do you have any actual allergies? my skin is sensitive to perfumes, but I spray it onto my lower pantlegs.

what are your favorite movies? documentaries, indie films, dramas

who is your favorite person from those movies? relative unknowns; anthony hopkins; john malkovich; kevin spacey

who is the best dresser on TV? I loved SJP's quirky style on Sex & The City

who are your celebrity crushes? no celeb crushes for me

who is the best cartoon character? smurfs, Thundercats

what are some of your favourite bands? Old jazz - Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday; 80s stuff like Pat Benetar, Bonnie Tyler; strong female vocals like Alanis Morissette, Melissa Etheridge, etc