Sunday, September 4, 2011

Coming Soon: New freebie

Hi people!
Sorry for the delay in my September freebie pattern release. Rest assured that I have not forgotten about you. I have sketched up my design and will be editing it and scanning it very soon.
I had to babysit my nieces 2 kitties (ok, HUGE cats). Rooney, the quirky ginger fella, decided to give me the pierced nose that I have been wanting (thanks boy, but really I want to have it done by a pro, and with a needle, not a fang). Parker, the docile black boy, just kinda purred about nonchalantly. I spent the night watching an Indiana Jones movie marathon on TV because I was without internet! Seriously, that is the first time I have been away from a computer for 24 hrs in YEARS! I developed a migraine. It could have been the Chinese food, or wearing my glasses for longer than normal, but I attribute it to internet withdrawl!
I did finally manage to make the fabulous pontetilla necklace knockoff from Flamingo Toes. The pic below is Bev's creation, as shown in her tutorial.

I won a kit from Bev's lovely blog ages ago. It is a dark charcoal grey and gorgeous! I would take a pic, but my camera is totally dead. I need to get a new battery for it, but it is one of those silly specialty batteries so I will have to order one online. ugh!

I also want to shout out a big hello to all of my new visitors from various online stamping sites! I had no idea that my embroidery patterns would be so popular with digital stampers, but I cannot wait to see what you all create! Please leave links to your projects here, or email them to me so I can show them off on my blog.

hugs to all,
aka Digital Misfit