Monday, August 1, 2011

Calculations: New FREE Embroidery Pattern for Back to School

Sometime after we learned 2+2, but before we finished learning the multiplication tables, we all learned a little calculator fun.
We sent our first digital text messages by typing 01134 into our solar powered calculators and passing it over to our classmate. They would already know to turn the calculator upside down to read your cheerful greeting.
It did not take the boys in class long to figure out that 58008, 5318008, and the unkind 55378008 made far more amusing words.
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In honor of the rapidly approaching back-to-school season (you can hear the cheer of parents and groans of children worldwide!), I offer up this bit of retro texting fun in 2 versions. Stitch up the 01134 on your child's backpack, or rock the retro with 5318008 on your college tote bag. You can stitch the designs right side up, or upside down! Either way, you are sure to get some smiles and comments from those who recall these "secret" messages in math class. Who doesn't love nostalgic geekery?
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I would love to hear your opinions on this design (my first inanimate object pattern!). If you stitch one up, please leave a comment with a link, or let me know on Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.

As with all of my free patterns, you may stitch it, stamp it, color it, paint it, etc for your personal use only (including gifts). You may not sell the pattern alone or as a part of a collection, or sell items made using this pattern without expressed written permission from me (I am very easygoing when it comes to items made for charity!). You are free to share this pattern on your blog providing you link back to THIS blog post.

Happy August everyone! Now get ready for class!

aka Digital Misfit

update: Thank you for all of the lovely comments! I am thrilled to see so many visitors from outside the embroidery world coming in. These designs do make great digital stamps. Don't forget to check out my other freebie patterns on the right sidebar. I will also have a new Halloween theme design coming out in the next couple of days. Hugs to the lovely CraftGossip mods!