Monday, August 16, 2010

The Case of the THING - Update 2

Well I have still not heard back from Health Canada, so I do not know if they plan to test to find out what THING is or not.  The Ziploc baggie continues to store THING tissue samples in my freezer, and the bottle of fabric softener is still stashed under the sink.


I DID hear back from the corporate office of the retailer/manufacturer.  They sent me a $10 gift card to their store.  I felt that was a bit of a slap in the face - it is not like I wrote in saying that I didn't like the smell, or that my clothes weren't as fluffy as when I use the national brand.  I emailed them to let them know as much.
I quickly received a phone call from Lisa, the lovely agent I had spoken with previously.  She apologized for the gift card refund of $10.  She had seen the photos of THING and was pretty grossed out herself.  She went on to explain that they have had other issues with the fabric softener (no more THINGs, though).  The product had issues with thickening and consistency.  Evidently the actual manufacturer had changed the formula to include a higher concentration of guar gum which has been messing with the product.  They had done this without the authorization of the product owner/distributor.  Still no idea on how THING got in there, or what THING is, as there is no human contact in the production line, I am told.
The head office called for a pull of the product from store shelves until the formula is reworked.

Lisa and I chatted a bit about other products in the store brand family.  She was a very friendly and honest person.  She offered to send me an additional $75 in store gift cards for my inconvenience.  I accepted this offer as I found it to be fair compensation for the work it took to clean up after THING.

I will post another THING update if/when Health Canada makes up its mind.

Lovin' My New Blog Banner!

I recently won a giveaway over at Batzy RockShop blog for a custom blog makeover.  The lovely Victoria, who makes the most wonderful digital illustrations, designed my header and my blog button (see my right sidebar).  She worked with me to choose colors, style, and theme.  I wanted a curvy gal with long black hair, brown eyes and glasses wearing jeans and a tee, sitting and embroidering.  Look at the fabulous work she did!  I love it!

For those who already have my blog button linked on your blog, the image should automatically update as I put the new image in the same location as the old one on Photobucket.  She also designed a couple of extra buttons that I think are just great!

Check out Victoria's awesome work in her Etsy shop, Batzy  where you can get a custom pinup portrait, couples portrait, or even sign up for her online How To Draw Like A Rockstar class!

Thank you, Victoria, for being so patient, and for creating such a beautiful and fun banner!