Thursday, August 13, 2009

Even Educated Fleas Do It ...

The following blog report is intended for readers 18 years of age and older. Links contained within this article are NSFW.
The title of this entry comes from a line in the Cole Porter standard "Let's Fall In Love"

Of course love is a state of mind, and while the fabulous folks at Eden Fantasys give their nod to amorous brainwaves, it is the bliss of the body that they are here to share.
For those who have lived a sheltered existence in this vast wonderland we call the internet, Eden Fantasys is THE ultimate online adult toy store. You won't find cuddly teddy bears and Tonka trucks though if you look around, you WILL find a freaking awesome selection of rubber duckies!

Ever since Charlotte discovered The Rabbit in that infamous Sex And The City episode, women have been far more open to chatting about their toys (at least the women I know, please, no angry conservative emails please!). Finding a good, reliable and fun sex toy can be a challenging task. Unlike finding a good pair of jeans, you can't go into stores, try a few on, and pick the one you like. Word of mouth is THE only way to learn about the best goodies without breaking the bank. Eden Fantasys has answered the call, and you will find user-written reviews for almost all of their products. Find out which toys have the best buzz for the buck and which ones will leave you hanging with just a click! And if you should happen to have a defective toy, Eden Fantasys has a fair and hassle-free return policy and will send you a return shipping label for FREE!

I also appreciate the fact that Eden Fantasys is a CLASSY sex toy shop (yes, such a thing DOES exist!). After browsing a few other shops, I must say I am thrilled to see a simple x/5 star rating for each toy instead of the lowbrow and often offensive rating systems used on other sites.

The selection of toys, lingerie, books, party favors, accessories and "adventure gear" is top notch, with many of the top name brands in the biz up for grabs.
There are even organic lotions, vegan lubes and other eco-friendly toys to be had. Now THAT is a modern and enlightened sex shop!

Eden Fantasys has recently launched a fantastic online magazine, SexIs. SexIs's tagline is Sex and All Things Sexual. One visit will show you that pretty much sums it up. From informative articles on health and body image, to an open forum where you can ask questions and get answers, SexIs satisfies ALMOST all of your sex needs (and the shopping link can help you with the rest!). My favorite section is the hilarious satire from The Bloggess. Just TRY to read her views on the strap-on unicorn horn dildo without laughing (I can't even SAY strap-on unicorn horn dildo without a giggle).

In summary:

Freaking fabulous vibrator selection
Friendly customer service
Enlightened articles
Funny shit

Eden Fantasys is my new one-stop sex shop!

So go ahead girls and treat yourselves to a little self-love!