Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sweet Figments Giveaway Featured Artist #2 - Zahour

Sweet Figments: The Blog A Day Giveaway!

My second feature artist from the Sweet Figments Blog A Day Giveaway is Zahour.
This amazing metalsmith & jewelry designer has some stunning pieces listed right now in her etsy shop.
I am most impressed with the Male 4 Dot Industrial Ring in the satin finish. I think this very masculine sexy ring would make a perfect holiday gift for a deserving partner. It is SO hard to find modern stylish rings for a man. They are either too plain (and look like wedding bands - way to make a boyfriend sweat!) or too gaudy (Soprano's post-series overstock anyone?). Zahour has solved this dilemna with many gorgeous pieces that a modern man would love to own.
Stop by her shop and browse around - you are sure to find something for that special sexy man (and don't forget to get something nice for yourself too - there are LOTS of fabulous pieces for women of style!).

Sweet Figments Giveaway Featured Artist #1 - Little Black Box

Sweet Figments: The Blog A Day Giveaway!

Thirty fabulous prizes are up for grabs in this awesome giveaway hosted at Sweet Figments!

One of the items is a handmade jackpot of sample goodies, the Little Black Box.
Earlier I posted about a similar package I received from another company (Spotted Box). The Little Black Box is the standard of sampler boxes. You could find jewelry, silk scarves, bath and body goodies, candles, magnets, photography, dog treats, stationery, keychains, buttons - and much more - inside your mystery stash of handmade goodness! Each box contains approximately 17 promotional items from various artists/crafters around the web.
Want to know who is in the box? Take a peek here to read about the contributors.

Little Black Box is only available to US customers :(
International customers can order a Little Purple Box from their sister site.

Everything Up Close: GamiWorks Review & Giveaway!

Everything Up Close: GamiWorks Review & Giveaway!

Visit Everything Up Close to find out how you can win a beautiful Chiyogami tile pendant with matching tin from GamiWorks!
If you are not familiar with Chiyogami papers, you really need to check this out - the beautiful Japanese designs come in all different colors and patterns.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Everything Up Close: Touch the Earth Review & Giveaway!

Everything Up Close: Touch the Earth Review & Giveaway!

Last day to enter this amazing giveaway. I am a bit of a tree-hugger, so I am in LOVE with the 5 group prayer flag (Tree) - the designs and words are inspirational.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Spotted Box

My Spotted Box arrived today!

What the heck is a spotted box you ask? Well before I discovered Momma In FlipFlops blog, I would have asked the same thing. I was the winner of a recent giveaway for this fab package that she hosted.
Like The Black Box, and its international sister, The Purple Box, The Spotted Box is filled with samples and discounts from a bunch of wonderful family & eco-friendly online shops that feature handmade goodies.
The Spotted Box seems to specialize in items for a new mommy, but there are goodies for everyone to enjoy inside.
I received little soap samples (can't wait to wake up with a Double Espresso soap shower!), 2 kinds of lovely bath salts - including one in a tiny wee glass jar!
Three different companies offered the softest baby washcloths, 2 others offered sweet baby hair clippies. There was even a felt sunny-side up egg and a felt pumpkin sugar cookie in there!
My dog is thrilled with his homemade organic peanut butter doggy biscuits.
Each box contains at least 25 different samples and gift certificates from some of the vendors named in the box listings. The boxes are each unique and contains some of the items listed.
Here is a link to the list of online e-tailers participating in the November Spotted Box, which goes on sale November 15, 2008.

If you have an online shop that is suited to the Spotted Box, and can offer samples of your (or related) products, or even discounts, then Contact Tory at for information.

GROSGRAIN Grand Opening Giveaway!


Grosgrain will be opening shop on November 6th! If you are not familiar with Grosgrain's amazing clothing for little girls, just hop over to this blog and review past posts - it is truly the stuff of a sweet young girl's dreams!
To celebrate this grand opening, Kathleen Dougherty (Grosgrain's brilliant designer-mommy) is holding a giveaway of a complete autumn wardrobe set which includes 3 reversible skirts in the fabulous Alexander Henry Birdseed fabric, and 3 coordinating reversible long-sleeved shirts!
Birdseed has been one of my favorite fabrics since it was introduced, and Kathleen has definitely used it to its full potential with these adorable outfits!

Sacred Herbals giveaway at Indie Reviews by Celtic Goddess

Indie reviews by Celtic Goddess: Indie Spotlight and Giveaway - Sacred Herbals!

Visit Indie Reviews by Celtic Goddess to read about Sacred Herbals, a wonderful etsy shop filled with natural bath and body products . Only the finest organic ingredients are used to create such gorgeous products as Milk & Honey Bath and Glow Face Serum. Enter to win a Dream Bath Bomb and Gaia Perfume Oil in this fabulous giveaway!

George Bush & Dick Cheney Are A Couple of Clowns!

I don't normally blog about something I just stumble upon, but when I saw these vintage clown dolls for sale on etsy , I had to share!

Small And Mousey's etsy shop is filled with all manner of vintage goodies, but this one is my favorite by far.

Clowns creep me out. Period.
I still want these dolls! LOL
It is remarkable how VERY much they look like ol' Dubbya and Dick. Even with details like Georgie boy wearing some cowboy gingham check, and the Dick sporting his American stars and stripes.
A great satirical toy to add to a collection of oddities.

Momma & Baby Giveaway at TOTE-N-TOTS!

TOTE-N-TOTS: Momma & Baby Giveaway

Visit Tote-N-Tots blog to find out how YOU can win a stunningly chic diaper tote and adorable baby booties.

Take time to browse the Tote-N-Tots Etsy Shop and snap up one of these amazing bags for yourself (and for a gift!). These bags will be a fashionable favorite long after baby is out of diapers!