Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

I have to start off saying that I am a PC. Always have been, and probably always will be. It is what I know, and what I love.
That said, one cannot deny the impact that Steve Jobs has had on the world of personal computing, and technology in general. He was a true visionary, and just a cool dude.
The Apple II was the very first computer I ever used. I fondly remember playing Oregon Trail on it when I was in grade school, and typing up short stories on the black screen with white pixels.

Today's announcement of the death of Steve Jobs does not come as a shock, as he has been dealing with cancer for a very long time. It is still one of those things that make you pause. The death of an icon will always strike a sad note, even when it comes after a long illness.

My condolences go out to Steve's wife and four children, and the entire family at Apple. A black turtleneck and jeans will never be the same.

Joe Tanaka Chiang of Toy-A-Day has re-released his Steve Jobs free printable as a tribute to this great man who had the brains of a geek and the heart of an artist. I thought I might share this with my readers because I think it is a fun and creative tribute for a fun and creative man.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Percy Penguin Free Felt Ornie Pattern

I thought I had posted this last year, but a quick browse of my archive indicates otherwise. It HAS been sitting in my Flickr photostream since December 5 of 2010.
I know that autumn has only just begun, and that I should not rush into winter (I am Canadian, so trust me when I say that winter is NOT something I look forward to!), but I am about to join the Trim The Tree Holiday Ornament Swap on Flickr. Percy Penguin here was one of the pieces I had considered sending one of my partners last year (I opted for sending out birdie themed felt ornies instead, and wee Percy went to my bestie's little sister)
When I made Percy, I quickly sketched up his pattern and made this printable one-page tute for anybody who would like to have him join their ornament collection. I have made him with felt, but you could also make him with painted muslin for a more rustic look.

As always, he is free for your personal use.
Hugs and Happy Autumn!

aka Digital Misfit

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Boo-Day Halloween Freebie!

Hi crafty friends!

Sorry I am late, but I am sure you are used to it by now :D
Without further delay, I would like to introduce to you Miss Matilde Labelle. Matilde, an arachnid of the highest class, has always wanted to go trick-or-treating. Every year was the same story - nobody wanted to give candy to a spider. Some people even chased her with a can of Raid!
This year, Matilde hopes that she can fool those silly humans and get some candy. She has a fancy new Jack-o'-lantern mask, witch's hat, cape and boots, and funky striped socks.
I think the 8 legs may still be a dead giveaway, but don't tell sweet Matilde!

As always, I provide these patterns free for your personal use.
If you make something with any of my designs, drop me an email or leave a comment with a link. I would love to see your work!
aka Digital Misfit

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Coming Soon: New freebie

Hi people!
Sorry for the delay in my September freebie pattern release. Rest assured that I have not forgotten about you. I have sketched up my design and will be editing it and scanning it very soon.
I had to babysit my nieces 2 kitties (ok, HUGE cats). Rooney, the quirky ginger fella, decided to give me the pierced nose that I have been wanting (thanks boy, but really I want to have it done by a pro, and with a needle, not a fang). Parker, the docile black boy, just kinda purred about nonchalantly. I spent the night watching an Indiana Jones movie marathon on TV because I was without internet! Seriously, that is the first time I have been away from a computer for 24 hrs in YEARS! I developed a migraine. It could have been the Chinese food, or wearing my glasses for longer than normal, but I attribute it to internet withdrawl!
I did finally manage to make the fabulous pontetilla necklace knockoff from Flamingo Toes. The pic below is Bev's creation, as shown in her tutorial.

I won a kit from Bev's lovely blog ages ago. It is a dark charcoal grey and gorgeous! I would take a pic, but my camera is totally dead. I need to get a new battery for it, but it is one of those silly specialty batteries so I will have to order one online. ugh!

I also want to shout out a big hello to all of my new visitors from various online stamping sites! I had no idea that my embroidery patterns would be so popular with digital stampers, but I cannot wait to see what you all create! Please leave links to your projects here, or email them to me so I can show them off on my blog.

hugs to all,
aka Digital Misfit

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

That's Pinteresting Vol. 2

Happy Wednesday, lovely people!
I am still pretty down about Jack Layton succumbing to cancer this week. Those will be some mighty big shoes to fill.
I also have PMS.
Praise scientists and doctors for Effexor and its mood stabilizing ability. I don't think anybody could have tolerated me, including myself!

I have been keeping myself amused with some stitching for my dear friend Deana (aka AlwaysInspired), and of course, PINNING!
Seriously, if you are not on Pinterest yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!
No, it is not just another Facebook/Myspace/Twitter/Google+ that you will try and forget in a week. This is some fun stuff! And SO inspiring! I find things that make me laugh, make me drool, and make me want to create!
I would like to share some of my recent pins with all of you.

THIS is why men should not do retro!

I want these cowgirl boots SO much!

I think I need to make one of these, and a Johhny Cash one too! (I would buy one, but $100? really?) I can't believe that Pam aka Kittykill hasn't pinned this one yet!

Spoonflower had a free swatch day on August 18, so I ordered an 8x8 linen cotton swatch of this retro beauty. (ps: If you missed out on free swatch day, you have not "Liked" Digital Misfit on Facebook! I notify my sweet peeps of stuff like this!)


Just LMAO! I had to pin this because of my friend Deana's love of gnomes and hatred of pink flamingos, and my friend Bev's (of Flamingo Toes!) love of all things flamingo.

Bev of Flamingo Toes always posts the best tutes. This one is for a fab stitchy applique set. She even painted all of the frames. The templates for the furniture can be downloaded from her blog.

I could keep posting because I keep pinning. This is just a small taste of what lingers around the Pinterest world. If you haven't tried it yet, and now realize that you MUST, just leave your email address in a comment below and I will send you an invite!

What are some of YOUR favorite pins this week? Leave your Pinterest link so I can follow you too!