Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flu. Tiny word for so much misery.

Image from Big Fat Blog

Hi people!

Wait.  That exclamation point implies far more enthusiasm that I am currently capable of feeling.  Let's try that again.

Hi people.

(much better)

I have so many things I want/need to blog about, but it would appear that I have been slammed by that ugly bug. The Flu.  I don't know if it is of an avian, porcine, or regular variety, all I can say for certain is that it sucks, it hurts, and I am feeling quite whiny. I only leave the house a couple of times every month, and yet the stupid bug STILL managed to find me.  

I hope to be back up and feeling alive soon.

In the meantime, I would like to do a little public service announcement, reminding everyone to get their flu shot this season.  Not only does it help protect you, but your loved ones as well.  Needles aren't fun.  This is less fun.


PS: If I am not perky in time, please don't forget to check out my October 18th post at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom during the 31 Days of Halloween event over there.  I am sharing a brand new free hand embroidery pattern (perfectly festive!).
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Also, check out the button for the awesome FREE art e-course Art, Heart & Healing that begins on October 18th.  I am just a fellow attendee.  I want to learn some new techniques and how to color and shade.  Sign up and be artsy with me (and about 700 other wonderful people!).