Tuesday, October 28, 2008

George Bush & Dick Cheney Are A Couple of Clowns!

I don't normally blog about something I just stumble upon, but when I saw these vintage clown dolls for sale on etsy , I had to share!

Small And Mousey's etsy shop is filled with all manner of vintage goodies, but this one is my favorite by far.

Clowns creep me out. Period.
I still want these dolls! LOL
It is remarkable how VERY much they look like ol' Dubbya and Dick. Even with details like Georgie boy wearing some cowboy gingham check, and the Dick sporting his American stars and stripes.
A great satirical toy to add to a collection of oddities.


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That is really funny.Clowns creep me out too.Great blog and etsy shop thanks for sharing it with me:0)