Monday, June 2, 2008

My Poppet Zola

I have recently become poppet-obsessed. I received the pattern from the wonderful Ghilie
on Craftster and after spending some time collecting all the materials, went to work on my first poppet.

I named her Zola, an Italian name meaning "earth".

Her body is made of Alova Suede (great to work with!), with thrifted yarn in 2 colours for her hair, and silk leaves for her inner ear. Her eyes are from suncatchereyes (eyelids of felt and jewelled lashes courtesy of the beauty section of my local dollar store). She is fully jointed (oh what a pain! will use teddy bear joints in the future because I SUCK at jointing using the buttons!).
I have been busy making poppet clothing for her as well as her upcoming siblings. I will also be making them to help raise money for the Strive For Life Foundation (to benefit Romanian street kids and orphans). I am working on finishing the element series (Lahni, the sky/air poppet; Shula the fire poppet and Mizu the water poppet), as well as my Manny Ramirez poppet and an Alice Cooper poppet for a friend. I will post pics when they are all complete.